Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tic Tac TOAD!

Toad schmoad, frog schmog! Yes, I am aware that these are two entirely different critters. But the line blurs after I've spent several days frogging around in my basement, creating a toad-ally new carnival game for this year's family event! Last summer our calendars filled up fast and early with weddings, bridal and baby showers and baptisms, leaving no room for the carnival I initially promised would be an annual celebration. Well, this year is going to be different! I'm setting my date first, and breathless new brides and freshly hatched babies will just have to change their dates of arrival to accommodate me. This summer, grandma comes first! 

Our new attraction is built similarly to the others in my growing collection - over a large cardboard box. Small cups are glued onto a slanted board behind each lily pad hole to catch the plastic frogs headed toward them. Players attempt to sink three in a row.

I suppose most people design a game first, then decide on a suitable prize. Not me! Discovery of these froggie whistle pops made my decision for me - somehow, some way there would be frogs or schmogs or toads or schmoads hopping all over the place as kids lined up, anxious to win one of these pleasing little treats. And perhaps it will be the ensuing sugar overload that lulls them into complacency over grandma's blatant zoological blundering - you know, the way a generous cocktail bar reduces the likelihood that unsavory food at a dinner party will be duly noted!

"Ribbit Pops" are sold in packs of 12 at Candy Warehouse online retailers.  Tongues whip out when the whistle is blown.

Small plastic frogs are sold in a pack of 72 at Oriental Trading Company (online).

For the record, frogs are slim and speedy, live near water, and have smooth skin. Toads are warty, fat and sluggish. I kinda prefer toads though. Seems like they'd be more interested in sticking around to hear what I had to say. I like that!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Of Little Boys

What are little boys made of?

I say "no" to the snips and "no" to the snails, "yes" to the puppies,
but not to their tails......

"Yes!" to the snow and how fast we can go......

"Yes" to the sticks, toss in some stones......
and an afternoon digging for dinosaur bones!

They're made of adventures, in water and dirt......

A cute sense of humor - and an honest opinion! -  sure doesn't hurt!

I say "yes" to the sugar, and "yes" to the spice,
because this grandma "poet" thinks everything about little boys
is wonderfully nice!

Are you the parent or grandparent of a little guy you adore with all your heart? I'd love to hear what he is made of! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!