Saturday, December 14, 2019

Prancing and Pawing!

Tuesdays with a two year old - what a joy!

Channing and I spend the better part of that day together each week, getting lots done! Baking, for one thing; so proud to take home a loaf of banana bread, a pumpkin pie, or snack size bags of cookies to share post-dinner with family. And, grandma's kitchen is also where he's mastered the delicate art of egg cracking - a favorite task accomplished with gusto! 

We read books, too, of course, and it's heartwarming to learn that he's gone home to recite "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" to mom, dad, and the siblings.

The influence of a grandparent must never be undermined; I've read that, and now I live it every day!

We do arts and crafts together, too, swinging paint brushes with vigor, splashing colors clear and bright on acreages of paper stacked up and waiting patiently in pristine rolls.

Seasonally, we shine. Potato print pumpkins, leafy lanterns, ornaments for the tree....just love that mischievous little smirk anticipating gifting of decorative contributions underway! 

It was in that spirit we printed a feisty little reindeer from hands (two of them!) that fortunately still fit inside a standard size of paper stock. Keep this in mind, grandma, while struggling to hold your little wiggle worm in place! It may be a three-person job today, but next year may be too late!

Fortunately for me, Channing is an "old hand" 😉at the craft; he paints and plants with authority, leaving me with a nicely printed specimen to complete with glued on paper scraps. I'm no math genius, though. 😕My excitement over festive candy-striped matting left me with an oddball finished size that fit no standard frame. I glued the piece instead to a lightweight cardboard backing and threaded a hanging ribbon instead. Easy solution, allowing Santa's wild-eyed transportation manager to go prancing and pawing home in the nick of time!