Saturday, December 9, 2017

Meow-y Christmas!

I am delighted that my second grade granddaughter's team teachers have spurned the traditional Christmas "gimme, gimme, sugar coma" classroom party in favor of a charitable endeavor. When my room mother daughter, Christy, was approached for suggestions, she pounced without hesitation! A local cat rescue - our favorite! - continually needs shelter supplies for the numerous animals it rehabilitates and offers for adoption. Students would contribute "wish list" items instead of exchanging gifts. The "craft station" at the party would find them tying kitty-sized, catnip scented fleece blankets - gifts to adoptees headed home during the cold winter months ahead. When both teachers purred with excitement at the idea, Christy and I put our paws together and got to work!

We needed an eye-popper of a collection center for starters. The pictures we take of kids filling it will be sent to our community and school district news outlets. That task caused grandma to twitch with glee! - this job was meant for me!

An ample cardboard box covered in bulletin board paper does the trick! Grateful Santa Kitty is born of paper and card stock scraps. My own wish is that kids will be excited to fill it to over-the-top generosity!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Meow-y Christmas, everyone!