Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Party Time at Last! Halloween 2011

If I didn't have six cats, I could decorate days in advance for my parties and reduce stress by volumes!

But that is not the case over here! Special effects, such as a living room crawling with spider webbing need to be completed at the last minute due to the "help" I get from the feline crew!

Every year my guests are required to plow their way to the party room through a nearly impenetrable maze of webbing.

Annoying? Yes! But while you love your kids to pieces, they do, occasionally, annoy you too! Here is your chance to annoy them! - in a pretty clever passive-aggressive way!

View of the table

I read somewhere that white tulle placed amid battery operated candles would create a misty effect.

The best part of the party, for me, was when the two moms unwrapped their framed ghost pictures. These were printed from the cute little feet of their children - by grandma, of course! They loved them!


As far as the success of the "Whoopee Cushions" planted on the seats of the three  guys, well.....not so much! Can't decide if the reason was because they are all just too smart and too observant or, around me, they are just too wary of "surprises" - or if, as Christy suggested, I am just "too obvious!"

But there were a few things that everyone agreed on! The "monster" slowly emerging from behind the couch was effective (Karen screamed!), the food was "awesome," Bingo was "lucrative" (especially for Joe!) and the company was the very, very best!

Not sure about what I am going to do next year, but when I announced that I might make some changes to make it more exciting, the girls looked at me, horrified, and demanded, "WHY?"

Best compliment EVER!

Mary Jo, who, like me, suffers from "Competitive-Oldest-of-Three-Daughters-Syndrome" has something to add.....

"Well, I MIGHT be open to some changes if it meant I would win more Bingo money!"


  1. How fun! Great decorations! Would love if you'd join our Countdown to Fall link party! Hope to see you there! Have a great weekend! :)

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