Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things That Bug Me!

1. It bugs me when my two year old granddaughter goes off to spend Fourth of July week at the lake and she doesn't have a pair of cute little yellow flip-flops with big ladybug bows and matching buttons to wear on the beach! So I made her a pair.......

1 pair of kid size flip-flops
1.25 yard ladybug print grosgrain ribbon, 1.5" wide
1.25 yard red/white dot grosgrain ribbon, 1/2" wide
2 ladybug buttons*
needle, thread, scissors
*Omit buttons if they might be a choking hazard.

Fold yellow ribbon into 2 bows with 2 loops, each 2.5". Secure at center with thread. Fold red ribbon into 2 bows with 4 loops, 1.5" each. Secure.

Stack red bows on top of yellow. Secure. Sew to shoes. Top with buttons. Trim ribbon ends.

2. It bugs me when my grandkids are dropped off to spend the day and I don't have cute healthy lunches topped off with finger jello caterpillars made in ice cube silicone molds to feed them! So I created them...

These caterpillars look very hungry don't they? Someone should write a book about that!
3. It bugs me that our upcoming Family Clothesline Fine Art Show, Sale, and Auction has not a single "bug-related" item in stock to sell! So I teamed up with Nick to make one.......

This talented little guy painted basic bug shapes in watercolor. Then he cut orange wings and yellow stripes from paper. Grandma added a pair of "buggy" eyes, glued everything on, and matted it. Now we have a cute bee portrait to sell at our show!!

                                      You'll have to "bee" at our Art Show if you'd like to buy this piece from Nick!                                                                                                                          


  1. LOL these flip flops are so stinkin' CUTE!!!

    Everything is nice but I love love LOVE them.

  2. Oh Grandma J! Did you know that ladybugs are Grandma Kc's favorite thing in the world -- not including family members? They are everywhere in my house and I even had them on my wedding cake! Amara and I are going to be making some matching flip flops!!! I can't wait!

    Love the picture of Nick and I love his art work! This sale should be huge!!!

  3. Art work is great! Flip flops are wicked cute! But, how did you make the jello caterpillars? You must have brought huge smiles to your grandchildren's faces.

  4. Thank you for the nice comments, ladies!
    Kc, that will be so cute to have matching flip-flops with Amara! Michael's has the ribbon, also available in pink.
    And the caterpillars were poured into a mold for ice called "Chillipedes" by the "Fred" company. I can never get ice to pop out of molds, but finger jello worked great. Glad you liked them!

  5. Love, love the catterpillar jello - and so will my 3 year old grandson! Thanks for the great ideas.

  6. It bugs ME that I'm nowhere near as crafty and clever as you. :D Such cute ideas. I'll have to check out the link ups you mention...though I'll surely come away being even MORE bugged with my sloth-like self.

  7. Two days later...Still so awesome! :D Thank you for linking this great post to the GRAND Social! Happy Monday!

  8. Oh my you were bugged alright! Great job as always! Thanks for linking with me at Say It Saturday :)

  9. Very cute flip-flops! And I love the Jello caterpillars.

  10. Good morning! I have awarded you the Verstile Blogger Award, please see it at

  11. Those flip-flops are adorable! It just goes to show that taking the time to add your personal touch makes all the difference. And what a yummy lunch! I'm sure nothing was left over.