Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowman Ring Toss Game

Some things never change. At least not around here. The third grader who once made light of telling me at bedtime - always at bedtime! - that she needed help with a project due the next day is now a mother in need of a pre-school Christmas party game tomorrow! She had (wisely) purchased ten small tinsel wreaths at Dollar Tree with a ring toss activity in mind. What the four little girls and five little boys in Bree's class would toss them at was apparently my problem! I guess I owed Christy a rescue mission. It was, after all, her older sister who once requested that I not only deliver her fifth grade math book, but complete the last four homework problems as well!

The things you toss your rings at have to be somewhat weighty. A 2 liter plastic bottle filled with water makes a perfect body. Invert a plastic dollar store cup over the neck of the bottle and duct tape them together.

Measure circumference and height of bottle from bottom to edge of cup. Cut a matching rectangle from white paper, adding 3" to the width for overlap. Duct tape one short side vertically to bottle. Wrap paper around and glue it down, covering the duct tape. Seam will become center back.

Use buttons, ribbon, marabou trim, wiggle eyes, and paper shapes cut free hand or from craft punches to complete snowmen. One of ours is a lady for the girls' line and the other is a boy.

Give each child a wreath and line them up to take turns at (w)ringing the necks of those little snowmen - something I've been tempted to do when panic stricken "last minute shoppers" approach me for help they know I'll never refuse!

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  1. Oh so cute and clever - your family is lucky to have you around to help with fun ideas. I love the snowfolks - and the fact that you can spell "duct" tape. :-)

  2. You are a very helpful mother, and apparently you always have been. :) These are so cute! I know preschoolers and I know the class will love these. The little faces are adorable and they're so sweet and colorful. Very good thinking, Grandma. :)

  3. Super Mom to the Rescue, huh! ? :) Yep, if you were my mom I'd be the same way! :) Plus in comparison to backyard carnivals and giant dinosaurs, this is pretty simple. You probably did it blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back, and in under 2 minutes!

    Seriously you always amaze me with the cute stuff that you come up with!! :)

  4. What fun and you really are so good at bailing people out! No wonder they depend on you.

  5. all those "panic sticken" people know to only go to the best! i absolutely LOVE these snowmen J! they are so bright and cheery i not only would play ring toss with them, i'd have them for a christmas decoration too! :)

  6. Lisa is right -- those would make great decorations, too!

  7. Thank you for the chuckle about completing the last four math problems. But, chuckling aside, this is such a cute project. I'm sure they had a ball.

  8. This is such a great project. Thanks so much for sharing! We added your link to our Feature Friday page.