Friday, November 7, 2014

Funky Turkeys

So, what are we flapping our wings about over here now, you ask? Simple answer: turkey pillows! An entire rafter of them, in fact! See, I know my turkey terms! To call these a "flock" would be inaccurate. A "flock" is a group of wild turkeys. A "rafter" is domesticated. These little characters are destined for living room couch perching only. They've never known anything different and have no interest in Googling alternatives for themselves either!

Our little rafter of three was born on the kitchen table a few weeks ago. Grandkids were given a nice wide brush and brown acrylic paint. Filling a smaller circle on top of a larger one on an 18" square muslin canvas made a nice plump body. Hand printed feathers will always hold this special moment in time.

The artists added eyes, lashes and a painted beak. Then grandma whisked everything away, disappearing for a spell inside her crafty sewing room.

With three "turkey sandwiches" on my plate (painted square, quilt batting, backing fabric) I hand quilted around each feather finger and eye, scalloping a pair of lines across the breast.

Beaks were cut from prepared fabric to match the painted shapes, then ironed on and held in place with tiny stitches all around. Scraps of red ribbon tucked beneath serve suitably as wattles.

With right sides facing, turkey and a complimenting back fabric, I sewed both together along outside edges, leaving bottom open. Turn. Each turkey leg is a 2" x 8" orange fabric strip, seamed along the 8" side, turned, stuffed and knotted on one end for the foot.

Stuff turkey (with polyester, please - not Stove Top!), insert legs and hand sew closed.

The most fun is finishing touches. Attach big wiggle eyes, a jaunty little straw hat, perky posy or crown of silk leaves with strong glue. Narrow ribbon scraps tied in a bow above the knot on each leg become fetching little turkey toes. But why stop there? A truly funky turkey has fancy bows all the way up and down the legs and wears anything else that pleases you!

If you're looking for a cute Thanksgiving Day gift to trot over to your lovely hostess, you may like these easy potholders too!

Perhaps your grandchildren would enjoy making turkey tags for decorating the dinner table like we did last year.

A seasonal treat of home made mini pumpkin donuts is a thoughtful gesture, especially when presented in a personalized gift bag.


  1. not with STOVETOP? LOL !!! :) :)
    These are adorable.

  2. Very cute ideas, and I would imagine the kids love being part of the process!

  3. OHhhh I had to laugh out loud at the stuffing note. Those are absolutely darling. I am thinking of having the boys make place cards of you turkey tags. I swear - your grandkids have the very best time of any I know. Well I'm off to make a list of what I need for the place cards. I like it when the boys make place cards because they always put them at different spots than the regular places everyone is used to sitting at (can anyone understand that sentence?) and it makes the dinner more interesting. I have to set up a work space for them to make the place cards - here I go.

  4. Those little mini-donuts are the best when served by such a cute Bree! Love your turkey pillows. You and those kids are so creative! FYI - it was the StoveTop comment that made me think of the recipe I sent you!

  5. Those are some great crafts! We are having Thanksgiving at my mom's house, and I usually do some sort of craft with my little cousins, who are ages 5 through 12. I can't sew so I don't think the pillows would work, but I bet they would like making the pot holders or the turkey tags! We're also hosting Christmas, which will include my 1 1/2 year old nephew Squeak, so I'll be looking forward to your Christmas craft ideas! :D

  6. I love the pot holder idea!! I think that my grandkids are getting old enough to make something like this without getting paint all over the place!

  7. Great idea for kids! (from Make it Monday link party)

  8. Love your rafter of turkey pillows. Such a great project. Thank you for sharing at Make It Monday.

  9. Very fun and a great project. I have to ask you too like Debra, why not with stove top?! Haha you both are pretty funny! Thanks for linking with me.

  10. So much fun I'm sure making the funky Turkeys. Grandma's always have the best projects.
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  11. Rafter? Well I learned something new today, and that's always a good thing. Your whole series of crafts look adorable!

  12. Those are so cute. Great fun Grandma!

  13. Awwww! Lovely! We don't have Thanksgiving here, but thinking we could totally make Christmas Robins this way! Thanks for sharing ( I'm off to pin this NOW!

  14. I love these little pillows - they have personality plus. There is a grandmother here that teaches outdoor recreation classes for kids. You could teach other grandmothers how to be crafty because lady you have skills. :-)