Sunday, February 1, 2015

U R 2 Cute!

In lots of ways, it's always Valentine's Day over here. When grandkids show up at my door, I squeal in delight, "U R 2 Cute!" That's followed by, "'Luv Bug!' come here and 'Hug Me!'" And "You Bet" that nothing but more "Sweet Talk" punctuates the rest of our time together. Each one of these kids is my "Sweetie," my "Cool Cat," and my "Top Dog!"

I start planning Valentine goodies for them right after Christmas. So far its been little collections of artsy-craftsy supplies. These items keep them busy on cold winter evenings and foster valuable hands-on skills for kids aged two and up. Small packs of brightly colored card stock, craft punches, sketch pads, "smelly" markers, watercolor sets and sticker sheets fill this year's line up of six glossy red paper sacks. I also include Valentine cards, of course, stuffed with a little cash for the toy store. But each "Baby" needs "Something Sweet" too! And this year it comes in the shape of a grandma-made Rice Krispie "Bear Hug" peeking coyly over the top of each gift bag!

Here's what you'll need to make one 3" Rice Krispie teddy bear pop:

I cup Rice Krispie cereal
1/2 tablespoon butter
1.5 oz. mini marshmallows + a few extras for use as "glue"
3 black candy Pearls
1 small conversation heart candy
24" length 3/8" wide Valentine ribbon
1 paper Valentine straw
Pointed wooden skewer and kitchen scissors (optional) for use as sculpting tools

And here's what you'll do:

1. Melt butter in small pan. Add marshmallows and stir to melt together. Gradually add cereal, working quickly to incorporate all.

2. As soon as mixture is cool enough to handle, tightly compress two balls, 2" for body and 1.5" for head. Add a 1/2" oval shaped ball to lower front of face for muzzle. Press head and body together to hold.

3. From remaining cereal form two ears and press to top of head. Form 2 tubes, each 2" long, for arms and attach - leave 1/2" space at center front for candy heart. Form 2 tubes, each 1.5" long, for legs and attach.

If you have difficulty making the parts attach, melt a few extra marshmallows for use as "glue." Apply it with the wooden skewer and press to hold until firm. If needed, use scissors to trim ears neatly.

4. Poke holes into head and nestle candy Pearls for eyes and nose. Attach candy heart.
5. Wrap ribbon around neck and tie into a 4 loop bow.
6.  Poke hole into center bottom of bear and insert straw.

So, what do you think?
"Too Cute"?
"I Do!"

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  1. How cute and a great idea for the rice krispie treats.. You are creative! Have a happy week ahead!

  2. What I think is that you made me crave Rice Krispy treats in a big way. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sad now. :( Because I am not going out in the cold to get the ingredients and I will just be suffering, thinking of that delicious teddy bear. He's too cute to eat, though.

  3. Ohhh the cute teddy bear - hmmmm, maybe I'll have a few minutes to whip some up before we head to our daughter's house for the Super Bowl party. I just made 2 dozen deviled eggs with thin slices of celery forming the ties to make the eggs look like footballs and 4 pans of mini lemon tarts - the teddies would be perfect. Better get busy.

  4. He really is just about the cutest thing ever and the kids are going to love him! You are such a good Grandma! With all you do it is no wonder you had to start in December to get ready for Valentine's Day!

  5. I thought that was a stuffed animal bear at first! So cute! Grandchildren love to make crafts, and this would be such an adorable idea for Valentine's Day! I'm also thinking you could make this for every holiday and put little holiday decorations on them (Santa hat, red/white/blue ribbon, pumpkin, etc.).

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Valerie! I was actually thinking of making bunnies for Easter. I was surprised at how easy Rice Krispies are to sculpt with!
      Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. That is so cute and delicious to eat - great combination. :-) When I first looked at I thought for sure you had a mold but not you. LOL I know all the kids will love them and you've made every one of your adult readers want to head to the store to buy supplies for one.

  7. That is one cute teddy bear. And to be able to eat it, even better!

  8. What an adorable idea! You are so creative. I'm going to be babysitting the g-kids this weekend. I think we'll make some of these. Thanks for sharing your link on my link party!

  9. This is almost too cute to eat....almost :) I love your teddy rice krispie treat and I know my son would enjoy one as well. Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration - you have inspired me :) Hugs!

  10. Hi sweet lady! I just wanted to let you know this delightful post was featured at Roses of Inspiration today :) Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  11. Hi, hopped over from the Enchanted Rose. Such a cute teddy! My grands would love this!

  12. Wow your teddy bear rice krispie is so adorable and you did a great job making it!

  13. jeeze louise i am always looking for molds, molds, and more molds to make stuff. if only i could sculpt like you! love the ribbon on his neck too! :)

  14. How cute are those?! I love them!

  15. Oh how cute. You sound like me. I'm planning Valentines early too. I do a dinner every year for our Daughter and Grandson.
    I love this idea. And I love your blog. I'm following you now. I came over from the linky party.
    In case you didn't see it yet there is a Valentine Linky Party. The button is on my sidebar. Come over and say hi.
    It was very nice to meet you.

  16. This is the cutest treat ever I think! How fun! Pinning.