Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ring Toss Rats!

Maybe it's because I've never actually come face to face with one, but I love rats! Just adore their pointy little faces and those scrumptious soft ears and the way they think with their whiskers, twitching them from side to side while they decide if they should go out for a bite of insulation from someone's house or just stay in and order a cheese pizza.

What I like even better are Dollar Tree rats! They squeak you know! And come in two poses - still only a dollar apiece - wow! How do they do that? (...she wonders, while jockeying for position to exit the store, groaning with bulging bags clutched at every wrist, elbow and hip...) Um yeah. I guess that's how they can afford to sell "all this great stuff for only one dollar!"

But enough about me and my urge to splurge every time those big green letters loom in my rear view mirror! I admired, but didn't buy any of those little squeakers last year and then regretted it. This year I bagged half a dozen and scurried home to make them into a fun Halloween ring toss carnival game. We'll use this one at the grandkid lunch party I'm hosting that afternoon, but you may need one sooner for a cousins' spooky-craft-making-ghostly-cookie-baking-late-night-game-playing-scary-story-telling sleepover at your own house!

Here's what you'll need:
  • Cardboard box for base, approx. 20" x 24" x 12" deep
  • Orange bulletin board paper (in the teacher section at all 3 major craft stores)
  • Halloween print scrap book paper
  • 6 plastic rats
  • Rings to toss (purchased carnival type or embroidery hoops) 
  • Optional: orange and black crepe paper, orange tissue paper, decorative fuzzy trim
  • Scissors, strong glue, rubber cement, stapler, ruler
Here's what you'll do:
  • 1. Cover box with orange paper, staple as you work.
  • 2. Measure top surface and divide into 6 equal parts with 2"-3" borders all around.  
  • 3. Cut 3 scrapbook paper squares, 7", with a contrasting 6" square centered. Rubber cement together. (adjust these sizes if box surface is not 20" x 24") 
  • 4. Cut 3 circles, 5," with a contrasting 3" circle centered. Cement together.
  • 5. Cement squares and circles to top surface of box.
  • 6. Use strong glue (such as Gorilla, if you have it) to attach a rat to each square and circle.
  • 7. Complete box by decorating the sides with side by side strips of crepe paper, followed by a 4" tissue paper ruffle and fuzzy trim, as shown in photo.

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  1. Good morning, J! What a great dollar deal and a cute game. Ring Toss Rats is a perfect game for your Halloween party. You are so creative and fun! Have a happy weekend!

  2. That is so creepy fun! The kids will love it!

  3. Cute game, but the rats would scare me off, I'm petrified of them, specially if one of my cats brings one home as a "present" for me!

  4. I love it! So will the kids. Why you think rats are cute and cuddly I will never know! Jenna's cats love to bring her rats -- big ugly ones! Usually bloody but not dead and only if Justin is at work!

  5. ONLY YOU could make rats look cute! :) Your creativity always brings a smile as it amazes me :)

  6. i can just hear all those rats squeaking as a ring hits them in the face and the kids giggling loudly! so that's the best way to enjoy a rat! :) and I love love love your table set up too J! :>D

  7. Your love of rats really shines through on this crafty Halloween game. The kids are going to love it! Have fun at your party.

  8. Ok - if you say so. The game is a great idea though - as always. I love the dollar store - I was there twice this week - forgot some things and thought up some new ideas after I was there the first time. I got useful things like spray bottles and foil and some craft items for christmas ornaments - then some fun stuff for my dolls' Halloween photo shoot - then had to go back for Candy Corn - the dolls insisted that they wanted some for their Halloween escapes - really, they did insist, and I just couldn't resist the tiny pumpkins and some pretty leaves.. Sometimes I just like to wander about in the Dollar store and think up things to make from what I find - and only 1.00 - what a bargain!

  9. Great dollar store find! I love rats too, we used to have a pair as pets... They're such sweet little fuzzies! #CleverChicks

  10. Oh my gosh that is so creepy I can hardly take it. I hate even the word, 'rat,' let alone buying them and touching them. LOL I have never seen one in real life, and I like it like that, but especially older grandkids are going to have a blast. I'm just sitting here laughing and shaking my head. This is just too funny and creepy. :-)

  11. Oh my gosh!!! You always amaze me with your creativity. I have been keeping copies of all of your ideas for next year. I am sharing these on Facebook too.

  12. Great game, but no rats for me! I'm trying but failing to think of an inexpensive alternative that wouldn't creep me out ...

  13. Love your blog and your ideas but no rats for me either. I have a rat story but it's too long to share here! Hate them! But love your idea!

  14. Hello J! We've not met, but from one Nanna Blogger to the other, may I say Bravo! These are too cute for words. A new follower here. Love, Mimi xxx

  15. Most adorable rats!! In fact, my daughter and I REALLY like those little critters! lol...great tutorial btw! I'd love to have you come over and link your post up to my craft party which starts at 7pm EST. and is new every Thursday! I also pin every post!

  16. Very creative idea with your Ring Toss Rats. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  17. How fun!!! I'm always looking for game ideas, and this is perfect!! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  18. What a darling idea! I snagged some of those rats last year and I have them climbing all over my pumpkins out on the porch. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Seriously love this. I need to grab some rats on clearance! What a fun Halloween game & easy to put together. Pinned & shared. Thanks for joining the Inspiration Spotlight party. Hope you have a great time with the grandkids & happy Halloween!