Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Thanks, but NO Thanks!"

"Thank you for this, thank you for that..." Yes. I know my list is lengthy, and for that I am even more grateful. But sometimes, "enough is enough!" In other words, "Thanks! But NO thanks!"

Let me explain.

I admire those super-energized lifestyle bloggers who prep a fancy Thanksgiving table in mid-September; they promptly post it, preening with perfection, on the first of November. By that date, they're also done with Christmas and hopping around, looking for table toppers for Easter. Impressive! I could never do that. Mainly for one reason. Over here, I have "help" - those classy ladies do not. Huge difference!

Here, take a look!........

My "General Manager" emerges with the turkey tureen. He's opinionated.

"That napkin looks crooked."
"What?  Only one bottle of wine?"
"Squash soup? Again?"

He's closely followed by "The Weather Girl."

"Hmmm. Well, who really knows what Thursday will look like. It's not here yet (duh!). But today I'm observing a frisky pair of squirrels hanging at the bird feeder, and predicting they'll be back tomorrow!"

When the centerpiece arrives, so does "The Florist."

"Funny. I don't smell a thing! Did you remember to order this arrangement in fresh catnip scent?"

No, we're not done yet.

"The Chair Inspector" is here to do some serious sitting....and commenting.....

"Say I choose this seat, how close would I be to the gravy boat?"

Lighting. Meet my electrician-in-residence!

"Open flames? There's no reason to take that risk in this era of battery operated tea lights. I've even seen some that flicker like real candles. Why don't you go that route?"

So, I've added "tea lights" to my shopping list and made a few more notes:

  1. re-launder tablecloth
  2. re-wash dishes
  3. wish everyone a purr-fect Thanksgiving (who says "no thanks" to that?!) 


  1. Looks nice even without the cats.

  2. Oh you are too, too funny! How happy am I to have discovered your lovely and fun blog! I think your Thanksgiving tablescape is up there with the best of them and as for those helpers of yours.......they are rather delightful!

  3. Oh your table is too beautiful - love love love the dishes. Now, those nosey, busy cats - so silly. At least they have opinions on what is going on - nothing worse than and cat without words (cat got your tongue?) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. A fun post, love your helpers too - and a nice table setting.


  5. Good morning, what a cute post. Your table is lovely. I love all your adorable helpers. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Loved the photos with all your cat helpers.

  7. Your photos make me wish I had cats again. Some day, maybe....

  8. Happy Turkey Day to you and the cats! This came out perfect!

  9. Pets are such great helpers! Trixie and Lily have been hard at work as the official food-tasters, making sure every individual ingredient is safe for human consumption. Of course, they lick their butts, so I'm not sure I trust their judgement!

  10. A lovely table and a fresh take on decorating in real-time and real-life ! LOL those kitties are all so pretty and such great poses for you; loved this! :)

  11. Your table setting is just lovely, and it calls family and says welcome to the feast. After spending many years in human resources, I do, however, believe you need to review job descriptions with your assistants. Their cuteness almost outweighs the necessity to rewash everything, but they do need to be reminded of the restrictions of your time table as you move on to the next holiday creations. I'd get them to initial and date that as well. :-)

  12. Your table is just as elegant and pretty as any of those other bloggers and I love your staff of kitties! I am in a dilemma right now with two kittens about my Christmas tree. How do you handle that with all your kitties?!

    1. Hi AnnMarie! The only problem we have with the tree is Charlie (the white cat) eating icicles - and then "urping" them up. We solved that by only covering the top two-thirds of the tree with them. Yes. It does look weird!!
      Good luck with your kitties!

  13. What a great Turkey. Love from Poland

  14. Love your ''Inpector's" and your table just had to be 'pur-fect'!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me, have a great weekend!

  15. Well your inspectors know a good thing when they see it. Your table is gorgeous! Love the turkeys! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. What a delightful post! Your " helpers" certainly look like they are taking charge and enjoying every bit of it. Cats are so nosy not letting a single thing pass them by. They just have to know that everything is in its place.
    Your table looked lovely, with our workout the darling cats.

    So nice to visit with you.

    Have a wonderful week~~ Debbie

  17. That was fun and creative! AND your table looks lovely.

  18. Oh my, I was giggling throughout this post, sweet friend! Your cats look like they know exactly what they're doing {{smiles}} I have a cat and know how ornery they can be.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again tomorrow. Hugs!

  19. I always love your posts and this one had me truly laughing out loud. You are hysterical. Your table is so amazing also!! The things that you create at your house are so perfect. Your grandkids are so lucky. I have been reading your past Christmas blogs and I am speechless with what you do!

  20. What a fabulous series of photos and storytelling! Your cats are wonderful.