Wednesday, October 4, 2017


"Halloween-ies" defined: quick, easy-to-make decorative bursts of the spooky season!

Everybody's looking for these this time of year because there's not a moment to spare. Why waste seconds that could be spent eating Halloween candy purchased in July because it was on pre-holiday special and satisfied that smug feeling of being stocked up? I'm on my third bag and

Errr....Never mind!
Okay! Moving on!.......

Paper Punch Drink Lids

I love the way bottle toppers dress up a kids' table. They also ensure that sippers-and-wanderers will eventually find their way back to their own drinks. Bats, spiders, or a combo of both....simply punched, stacked, glued and poked!

A 3" circle works for the base of each topper. Find shapes progressively smaller to layer in contrasting colors and patterns. Plastic spiders, ants, or flies are welcome, too! I use recycled Starbucks coffee drink bottles for perfect kid-sized servings. Poke a hole in each topper for a festive paper straw and hand them out!

Spooky Snack Baskets (pictured at top)

If you purchase your coffee drinks in the four-pack size, you've got a handy little tote to stuff with snackable monsters! Spray paint it black, decorate with punched orange dots, and round up some wraps! The green spinach guy holds a savory cheese and veggie filling, while his paler sidekick supplies dessert in the form of a PBJ spread. Attach baby carrot noses and big buggy confection eyes with a tiny dab of peanut butter. Personalize each snack tote if you're expecting more than one little grand-goblin at your family Halloween event!

"Dying to Know How Many!" Estimating Jars

This is my way of contributing to the classroom Halloween parties my daughters enjoy planning as "room mothers." They're charged with providing games and treats, and I like the way this educational activity creates a whirl of excitement and suspense for the classmates of my grandchildren.

Three clear, plastic jars stuffed with small toys and candy are accompanied by slips of paper for names and guesses.

Teacher receives everything - including the answer sheet! - the day before the event so there's plenty of time for each child to carefully inspect every jar before estimating. Winners (those who guess closest without going over) are announced at the party.

I found my 32 oz. jars at Just Artifacts, although I see that Oriental Trading carries pint size (16 oz.) ones now, too. Present them smartly decorated in the same style as paper punch drink lids - and don't forget to make "freebies" for your own grandkiddoes!

This is not a sponsored post. The brand names and businesses I've mentioned are for the convenience of my readers. And that includes the Snickers coma I'm currently immersed in - thanks pre-season Halloween candy sales! 👻


  1. You are always so creative :) Love the jars ideas for school parties! :)

  2. Hee hee - what fun to buy candy early - and then of course to have to buy it again when Halloween rolls around. I love all the clever ideas that you come up with - love the jar lids and the little snack packs. I haven't used Oriental Trading Company in a long time - maybe I need to get back there and order up some fun things for this year. They do have super things. Again, you've outdone yourself with fun and fancy. Happy rest of your week my friend. (I've been busy with making plastic canvas things for my dolls - popsicles, hot dogs, pizza - of the fun we have)

  3. You have more crafty skills in your little pinky than I have ever had in my entire body. Impressive and so much fun for the kids. I love each one of them, but the first one blew me away. I love those wraps, and your recycling spirit. I never even wonder if your grands have the best Halloween because I know they do. You go Grandma Joyce. :-) You are such a tough act to follow, I can't even imagine what the other grandmas in the family do for holidays. I'd just hide in the closet and shove money under the door. :-)

  4. I love the jar idea for my grandchildren's classroom Halloween party. This would be great for a Christmas party too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. "You have more crafty skills in your little pinky than I have ever had in my entire body." The lady who said that is so right on! But I love that you can do it and we can watch you! Thank you for sharing with non-crafty nanas!

  6. What terrific ideas! I especially like the first picture with the plastic forks as arms! You are so clever!!!

  7. Your snack basket made me smile - it's so cute!

  8. I wouldn't have thought to do this for the kids class rooms! Very fun idea perfectly executed!