Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"I Have a Grandma Who..."

This is a sponsored post.
I received a copy of  "I Have a Grandma Who..." in exchange for my honest review.

Collectively, my ten grandchildren have a total of six grandmothers, all of whom I consider great, even though only two actually meet the generational requirement that earns that term! We love with all our hearts and offer help and support wherever possible. In addition, we each have specific talents and interests that provide a rich treasury of experiences and knowledge to share with our families.

Looking beyond our roles as warm laps to nestle in and the source of indulgent "just because" gifts, we grandmothers deserve to be recognized as individuals worthy of praise and admiration from the children in our lives. This focus further develops the strong bond that the Foundation for Grandparenting asserts raises self-esteem, levels of emotional and social skill, and a sense of personal roots, history, and belonging.

I recently shared Rosemary Zibart's 32 page, soft cover "I Have a Grandma Who..." with my four year old granddaughter, Kaylee. What a delightful time we had!

From page to page, Kaylee enjoyed energetic illustrations of grandmotherly feats. Some drew a perfect match between us: "I have a grandma who adores puppies and much as me," others, not so much: "I have a grandma who dresses like a Fashion Goddess..." (sooo not me!) In between, we reflected on Kaylee's paternal grandma's talents, finding her solidly on page three, happily at home in her prolific garden. And then we spring-boarded to original descriptions personal to us in a lively compare-and-contrast session: "I have two grandmas who love to have tea parties with me!" We snuggled and hugged, and pointed and read. We laughed and we loved.

You'll enjoy this book, too, grandma! And so will your grandchildren.

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  1. How sweet that Kaylee enjoyed this with you! :)

  2. Perfect Grandma book! I think I have to get one!

  3. That seems to be a great book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren. How wonderful that you enjoyed reading it with your granddaughter.

  4. What fun. We should all have our grandkids make a page, or pages of what their interpretation of grandma is - I think that would be enlightening. I know one grandson that would say that I let him order pizza by himself online (and he's very good at it.)LOL