Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter Sunday Bunny Business!

We're having a puppet show after Easter dinner, but this time it wasn't my idea! The most rewarding moments in a grandma's life are appeals for a repeat of something fun done in the past. The one that sent me scrambling for today's feature came from Brielle a few weeks back: "Grandma, are we going to have an Easter play for all of us cousins like we did at Thanksgiving?"

What else was there to say?.....

"Of course we are, you sweet little bunnykins!"

I sought inspiration via an online search for something light, happy and easily understood by a younger audience, but alas, found not a rabbit hole to tumble into! That, coupled with a serious bout of mental bunny block, led me to reach for a classic child's book, one with a story suited for telling with a handful of simple paper puppets.

We're going to perform The Runaway Bunny, the endearing 1942 classic by Margaret Wise Brown who also penned Goodnight Moon.

A pair of large cardboard boxes, stacked, taped, cut, and decorated will serve as a puppet theater. Kids will sit behind the screen and manipulate characters mounted on sticks. Parents and young siblings will hear the story of Little Bunny who decided to run away, taunting his ever-patient mother with plans to become "a fish in a trout stream, a crocus in a hidden garden," and even "a rock up high on a mountain top." Mother Bunny vows to thwart his escape by doggedly pursuing him as a fisherman, a gardener, a mountain climber and more, until Little Bunny has no choice but to "just stay where I am and be your little bunny!"

Puppets from left to right:
rock on the mountain top
Mother Bunny fishing
blowing wind
Pictured at top:
Little Bunny
Mother Bunny

If you're not familiar with the book, You Tube narrations abound. This one, by Grandma Annii, is my favorite!

The Runaway Bunny tale is also suitable for family Mother's Day entertainment!

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  1. This is so cute!! AND I love that book. Read it to my kids many a time when they were little and then purchased it again for the grands! :)

  2. Oh this is going to be such fun - all those bunnies and grandkids - nothing could be better. Love the little sticks on the puppets - great idea for a play in a stage - you are just too clever. We have the baskets for the grandsons ready - they are 13 and 16 now - so their "loot" consists of little bank rolls (Grammy rolls up money and ties it with ribbons), gas gift certificate cards, pocket watches and some fancy dice games that I do not understand - but all will be fun. We make hollow eggs with confetti for popping each other over the head and then laughing ourselves silly - and of course feasting and feasting and feasting - and some chocolate bunnies. Hope you get to take pictures of the play - should be a grand time. Hoppy Easter to all.

  3. How cute. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a fun grandma! Thanks for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty.

  4. Oh my gosh, I've finally figured out how to post a comment. Ring the bells, start up the band - it has only taken me a couple of years. Anyway, this is the cutest thing, but then I'm partial to rabbits. Your artistic skills are outstanding, and I can only imagine how the grandkids know there are zero art problem that Grandma can't fix. :-)

  5. Now this is an idea for my Kids Club. The smaller kids were disappointed because I only allowed the bigger kids to man the puppets for the show. Thanks for the great idea!