Sunday, February 10, 2019

Love Bug Valentine Party Game

Years ago, if one of my high school students had presented this cacophony of eye popping shapes, sizes, and color to me for appraisal, I might have coupled my admiration of her skilled use of principals and elements of design with gentle admonishment: "My goodness, dear! Next time give your eye a place to rest!"

But this twittering twirl of love bugs wasn't born of academic propriety! Grandma-hood has spiked my response to family requests for artsy-craftsy help, and enthusiastic "over-the-topness" is the means by which challenges are currently met. This time, I was asked for a game suitable for Kindergarten students to play at their classroom Valentine's Day party.....

Once circles were cut from scrapbook paper, there was no turning back! Love bugs built from them, glued to a 24" x 36" background tacked to a lightweight bulletin board, filled the field, inviting players to hit numbers with toy "sticky darts" (shown in top picture). They'll tally their scores after three successful hits. Purple hearts net one bonus point each. Adjust rules for age of participants.

If you're going to make a Love Bug dart game, you can substitute a mat or foam board background. Assemble a group of paper punches or round things to trace in a variety of sizes. Collect paper scraps in red, pink, purple, and white. Two identical sized circles make a body and head. Smaller, concentric ones make eyes. Wings are oval shaped or fancy cuts from punches. Use craft foam hearts to accent antennae. Rubber cement best adheres each assembled love bug. Cut or punch heart shapes for targets, adding hand printed numbers or purchased stickers. Draw legs and mouths with black marker.

Find sticky darts at Amazon - or do a Google search for them that will direct you to other sources. Sticky darts will leave a residue on your game board (or any other surface) but they are safe fun for kids and really do last 20+ uses each, as promised. Besides that, they are inexpensive. Kids love them! And so does grandma!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

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