Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Flowers For You, Mommy!

Flowers for you, mommy....from our little hands!

Yep. One and the same! These are the busy digits that dump freshly folded laundry, put stickers on the dog, and carefully pick peas out of pot pie dinners. They're the ones that lock themselves inside the bathroom, let flies inside the house, and pinch younger brothers when no one's looking....

But Mother's Day is neigh....and all is forgiven! Little hands are also those that gather dandelion bouquets, lace their fingers through your own, and reach to hug you tightly. You employed them when they learned to count, and watch them point and poke and prod at anything delightful!

This treasure is such an easy make that you can have it picture-perfect-ready for mommy or grandma - or yourself - by Sunday! Trace hands in singles or pairs - and cut from pretty scrapbook paper. Craft punches make light work of floral accents, rubber cement fixes everything firmly and smoothly, and a fine point (05 Micron) marker is "handy" (see what I did there? 😉) for tracing captions printed from Word (sizes 24 and 22 in Comic Sans font). Don't forget kids' names and date....this gift's going to make month-of-May reappearances for years to come!

Pop your finished work into a frame (mine is 8" x 10") with or without a snappy hand cut paper mat.

Happy Mother's Day, dear readers and friends!


  1. I adore this, Joyce. So sweet for moms. I love "hand" crafts.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mommy daughters! ♥

  2. I LOVE this project and would be proud to have them framed in my house. It always reminds me of when my grandkids were little and would holler my name and run towards me with a big hug. I'd give every dollar I have to just be on the receiving end of that one more time. Enjoy those little kiddos of yours because you and I both know how fast they grow up. Hope your Mother's Day was perfect!

  3. Hello, what a cute project and a beautiful craft for Mother's Day! Have a happy day and weekend.