Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tissue Paper Pumpkin-ing!

I've no doubt it's genetic. We're big on Halloween here! Most others contract the fever 'round the first of October, but for us, early September prompts initial symptoms. Older grandkids place costume orders with anxious-to-beat-the-crowd grandma (the only one also known to spring for second change-of-mind choices as needed!). The littles plop eagerly into my lap toting "spooky story" books for sharing. And all of them demand crafts that address this beloved season-to-be-scary......

And so I comply!

This version of a vibrant suncatcher is much less involved than the usual ones requiring clear sticky-surface paper or a pre-cut frame, making it suitable for a very young child. Pictured here is all you'll need for an activity that satisfies in terms of "do-it-myself!" simplicity. 

Prepare two 12" x 15" wax paper sheets, a strip of green paper, and jack-o-lantern features cut from black paper. Glue stem and features to one wax sheet as shown. Your little artist will apply glue to the surface around them, cut squares from orange tissue, and adhere them directly. When complete, you'll match and iron the second wax sheet on top, then cut the pumpkin out.

And the best part? Why, hanging it yourself! - at age-three level! - and summoning the family to show off how well you went Tissue Paper Pumpkin-ing with grandma! 

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  1. Hi Joyce. It's been awhile since I visited. I love this idea. Great craft for Halloween. Especially, since the Trick or Treat has been cancelled in my area. I'm Pinning. Thanks.