Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cookie Bakers are Coming......SOON!!!!!!

VERY BUSY TODAY! The cookie bakers arrive Friday at 5 PM. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow I babysit all day for Bree, so every minute counts!

I am very excited about Grandma's Second Annual Cookie Baking Party since this year the twins are three and Bree is one year old. That means we can add a few more fun things to the menu!

And, there will always have door prizes for the ladies! When I saw Christmas tree and snowman footprint pictures on Pinterest I knew right away I was going to make them! Not only are they a treasured keepsake for the parents of your grandchildren, they are also easy and inexpensive to make.

For one small child, an 8" x 10" frame with a black border from Michael's or Hobby Lobby will do.
Add a pre-cut mat in red. This one, with a lovely linen texture, was only three dollars before coupon discount. The only other things you'll need are red, green and gold paint, a fine point marker and a brush. Do your printing on a quality white paper, such as Canson, because this year's little feet won't be the same size ever again!

It really is best to have help while you paint the bottom of one foot - green with red toes. Press firmly on paper, at a slight angle. Repeat with other foot, slightly overlapping the heels, to complete the tree shape with an array of little red "presents" beneath it!

Keep in mind that your first attempt may not be perfect. It might smudge, or be too light. Prepare several sheets of paper before you print by tracing the inside of the mat so everything fits into the open area.

Once you have a satisfactory print, use the gold paint to make a tree-top star. (Glue on a paper star as an option.) Print the name of the child and the year at bottom with the marker.

Move up in size to an 11" x 14" frame and mat for an older child with bigger feet. Use this size, too, to make a family of "snow-cousins" like I did, for Aunt Karen to win!

This one's much easier! White paint for the entire foot on red paper -  fine line black marker for eye and mouth dots, arms and printed names -  tiny paintbrush to carefully add orange noses, pink cheeks and the year in white -  black paper hats rubber cemented to heads -  and a sprinkle of snowflakes stamped on (or child's fingertips dipped in paint)....that's it! Even with a double mat and a larger size, this one cost about ten dollars to make, and even if I do say so myself - it is priceless in cuteness!

Now, on to the table! The snowman drink dispenser will not only serve as our centerpiece, but I will introduce him as a "Magic Snowman!" The boys will get clear plastic cups with a drop of liquid food color hiding beneath a cube of ice. When they fill their cups with Sprite from the Magic Snowman, one of the drinks will turn red and the other green! I can't wait to see their surprised little faces when that happens!

It will be dark when the kids arrive, so a string of battery operated lights will encircle the Magic Snowman.

We will first sit down to a light dinner. For the ladies, I am making fish chowder, leafy salad, and mushroom quiche. Probably a few appetizers, too. White wine will accompany the food.

For the kiddies, I am hoping that an idea of mine is successful. I will try to make English Muffin pizzas look like Santa faces - olive slices for eyes, red pepper strips for a hat and white mozzarella cheese for a beard. His nose will be part of a tiny grape tomato that I plop on after he leaps out of the chimney - oops! I mean "the oven" -  with a bound! Ho ho ho! We'll see!

I am also going to serve the kids sliced veggies and a dip, as well as fruit cups topped with jello stars. Along with those cups I will provide the twins their first experience with canned whipped topping! If you know anything about three year old boys, you know this one is not for the fainthearted! Go grandma!

Okay, gotta get back to the kitchen! Full party report posted here on Friday! See you then!


  1. Oh how cute! I especially loved the foot print snowmen - I've added those to Pinterest! You are braver than me with paint, but I might try tracing with markers :) Thanks for the fun ideas.

  2. I loved this! You know I enjoy reading your older posts that I have missed. Wish I had some of these great ideas when Amara was littler, too! I just love your secret Snowman idea! I bet those little faces just lit up with delight! Are you planning to bring him back again this year?

  3. Love the Snowman and his magic! :)

  4. That is so sweet - and my kids love painting their feet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your awesome snowmen in our Crafty Showcase this week! We love seeing what you have been up to and visiting your blog.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Susie @Bowdabra

  6. Those are some sweet feet! Love the little snow people :)

    Thanks so much for linking up,
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  7. What's up with that awesome sleigh that just flew across the screen? So cool!

    Those snowmen feet are adorable. After trying ghost feet at Halloween with my grandsons, I think I'll wait a while before doing such a thing again. Not all that successful for me. Getting that paint just right is an art, apparently.

    Thank you for linking with the GRAND Social!

  8. What fun you have. I'm not sure who has the most fun though....the kids or you! ;) Cute footprint prints too, thanks for linking with me.

  9. Those footprints are so cute! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party. I hope you come visit & link again. The party starts tomorrow at 8am CST.


  10. Adorable and such a sweet keepsake. ♥
    Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick