Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back by Popular Demand!

I recently read an essay written by someone who declared that bloggers are nothing more than egocentric people in love with not the sound of their own voices, but the sight of their own words in print. Bloggers, the author believes, feel a maniacal compulsion to inflict on the world detailed instructions for living their lives in the exact same manner that they themselves do. (Well, DUH!) 

That writer is only partially correct! I also like the sight of other peoples' words and comments. - especially when they arrive in emails expressing how much they loved a very recent post of mine and how they would enjoy seeing more exactly like it!

The one I refer to is "How to Have Fun With Your Grandkids When They Are Too Young to Have Fun With!" It featured a set of pictures with funny captions that any grandma can compose and email to family members. So, by popular demand, I offer two more examples today.

The first one features Bree at the lunch counter. The second is in response to my dear friend Sheila's comment that surely, I had pictures of the twins too! So that one is dedicated to her - a mom of two wonderful, talented children and grandmother of an adorable little girl! I wonder if it will bring back memories of  her son, Scott, when he was three years old?

Okay, here we go....

Tutorials by Brielle - 
"Six Creative Things to do with Mixed Vegetables"

Hmmm...what on earth are these things and what can I do with them?

Let's, two, first idea is to COUNT them!

You can also IDENTIFY them! Like, for example, this one is a GREEN BEAN!

Those little round things? PEAS! They are pesky and hard to pick up!

Another idea is to SORT them!

"Attention all CARROTS! Report to the northwest corner of the tray!"

How about MAGIC TRICKS? Bet you can't see the corn!

                                           You could also find a vegan dog to feed them to!

                      What? Don't feed veggies to the dog? WHO ME? What veggies? What dog?

                                      Finally, I suppose you could just give up and EAT them!

Yay! All done! Now let me OUTTA here!

Need Quality Home Repairs?
Call 1-800-TWINS! Here's the service you can depend on....

We will promptly send a uniformed front man out to expertly assess your job.

Depend on him to carefully select the proper tool from his extensive collection.

.....and get right to work!
Faulty locks? Door frames?
Check! Check! Check!
(Note: Specializing in removal of those darn child-proofing gadgets!)

Should your job require the attention of TWO uniformed, licensed, and insured servicemen, we can provide a second 24 hour on-call one too!

                                                He will also choose the correct tools........

and get right to work, because the BEST team

If you don't already have holes in your walls,
we'll put 'em there!
(We're that good!)

Note that traffic safety cones are always used for your protection!
(We work so fast that this picture is blurred!)

Working in tight corners is never a problem!
Call with confidence!
Bonus! Free termite inspection included with all kitchen pantry work!

Not satisfied with our work?
DOUBLE your money back!
Call 1-800-TWINS!

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