Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guess Who Loves Daddy?

It really isn't my job to provide Father's Day gifts to my sons-in-law, but I am just soooo nice and they are such good fathers to my grandkids that I love coming up with something for them to open on those Sunday mornings. Last year we made "Artwork For Daddy"  folders, but this year the gift idea has to be quick and easy to put together. I have been so busy with lots of things and don't have a moment for anything that takes more than an hour to assemble. And that is about the amount of time this Father's Day gift takes to complete once you have the few items you need for it! It is also adaptable for "Who-me?-I-don't-need-anything!" Grandpa!

The "actual gift" is a cute photo of your grandchildren. It is nested into the last of four gift wrapped boxes, each tagged with a one word clue that spells out "Guess who loves daddy?" and ends up with the "WE DO!" answer inside the last box with the picture.

Here's all you need!

  • 1 cute photo of the kids
  • 4 cardboard boxes, sized so they nest within each other
  • 4 colors of wrapping paper (but just one is fine)
  • 5 computer printed clues on white paper, trimmed as tags (I used Word font AR Christy, size 72)
  • Scissors, tape and optional bows or stickers
When the gift is assembled it is done in reverse order, of course, but this is what will happen when daddy or grandpa is handed this box......

"What? A gift for me?"
"Yes! Yes! OPEN IT!"

Inside the red box he finds this dark blue one!

and inside THAT dark blue box is THIS light blue one!

and the light blue box contains THIS yellow one!

The final yellow box contains the GRAND PRIZE.....the picture of your grandchildren and the answer to the puzzle that took four unwrapped boxes to solve! I also think this "grand opening" event will yield some pretty cool photos of daddy on Father's Day morning, too!


  1. What a cute idea! Since I've already gotten my awesome son-in-law a gift I think I'll save this idea for Grandparents Day and give Grampy a picture of Amara and I. We are his 2 biggest fans and he will love it! Thank you!

    PS Great shot of the boys~!

  2. Really cute idea! I have been thinking I need to do something for the grandkids dads since the moms all received a handmade card from me. This may be the idea I use. Thanks for linking it up with me on Wow Us Wednesday.

  3. Well, that's a good idea. I think I'll steal it. It would work just as well, wouldn't it, giving this to a child? It seems the suspense and anticipation would grow in a little person even more.

  4. Still a cute idea :) Thanks for linking at Grandparent's Say It Saturday!

  5. So cute. When it comes to gifts—as is often the case with food—presentation is EVERYthing! This is precious and I just may have to copy you.