Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Marathon #3 Make Your Own Live Action Ghost!

No Batteries Required!

So, how often do you see something this cute that bops around all day long without an on/off switch, a plug to poke in or AA batteries to buy? While your other moving decorations need one or more of the above, this friendly little ghost only needs to be fed, diapered and refueled at nap time!

Once you've selected the basic operating component (a two year old granddaughter works great!) the rest is a snap. So easy to put together it's scary! And everybody who sees it is gonna love it and want one of their own!

For each Live Action Girl Ghost Decoration you will also need one white t-shirt, scraps of solid black and orange pin dot cotton fabric, double-sided fusible interfacing, 2 orange 1/4" buttons, 36" length of orange dotted 2" wide wired ribbon (omit for boy version) and white thread and needle.

Make freehand patterns for 2" oval eyes, a smiley mouth and 1" round cheeks. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse the interfacing to fabric scraps, then cut out features. Fuse them to front of shirt. Hand sew buttons to eyes. (Omit buttons for very young child.) For girl ghost, make a running stitch by hand along top center of each sleeve to gather. Fold ribbon into a 4 loop floppy bow and stitch to left sleeve as shown on photos.

Ghost shirts look best when paired with solid black biker shorts, leggings, or a ruffled mini skirt.

Here, my completed little decoration is busy introducing herself to another decoration! Dollar store sock ghost puppets are cute and easy to make, so as long as you've got the craft box out you might as well go ahead and make a few of those too. Here's my instructions for the puppets.

But WAIT! There's MORE! We all know about a girl and her shoes! She's gotta have 'em! A new pair for each outfit! How about these little gems? Black mini-size flip flops! Cute as a pumpkin button! Make them exactly the same as these ladybug shoes, but add an (optional) folded 2" x 12" length of purple tulle to tie the two bows tightly together at center before attaching to each shoe. Another option is a pair of purple chenille stems. Twirl them around a finger, fold in half, and glue them behind the button. (Cat Owner Alert! Oh yes! - he/she/they will bite off the twirlies -both of 'em!- and scamper off to play with their new prizes. When you recover them they will be saturated with cat saliva....umm, think this may have happened to me, and is the reason this photo is missing them?)

Your little live action household ghost can even be programmed to decorate itself!

Grandma's Personal Note to Self: Replace that fake birthday party arm tattoo with a pumpkin one! Around here we like everything to match up perfectly!


  1. OMG this is adorable. SHE is adorable !!

  2. How sweet! That's the best kind of goblin to have around !
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  3. Somehow my comment got eaten and disappeared. So this will be the quick version before things go wacky again: I *love* this post! The adorable craft, presentation and, most of all, that gorgeous little girl. Thank you for linking up to the GRAND Social!

  4. So very cute! But why can there only be children ghosts? Don't you think us Grandmas would look awesome in that costume, too?!

  5. LOL Well, I know I would wear it, but some other less-goofy grandmas might say "boo!" to that idea!

  6. That is so cute and I love the shoes!

  7. I love the ghost shirt and the flip flops! Too cute!
    My girls would love these.