Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012: Big Brother Day

Editorial note! While grandma is busy being very excited and happy about today's events, guest mini-bloggers will take my place at the keyboard......

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday we were an ordinary pair of four year old twin brothers. Today we are an extraordinary pair of four year old twin BIG BROTHERS! Our sweet baby sisters, Ava and Angeline, were born today at 3:23 and 3:24 PM respectively. They are adorable!

For weeks, mommy was hiding something from
"the men" in the family.....!

But today we know what it was!


Meet little sister, Ava, (right) just a few hours new. She arrived at six pounds, 19" long. Her little sidekick, Angeline, appeared one minute later, also weighing about six pounds and measuring 19" in cuteness!

Thank you for stopping by to visit today!

Guest mini-bloggers,
Big Brother Nick and Big Brother Sae


  1. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for all of you! What a wonderful Friday the 13th! We need more details Grandma J -- how big? How long? How was labor? Wow!

  2. Thank you, Grandma Kc, for your lovely good wishes! I have updated this post with pictures and the stats that, of course, everyone would want to know! Guess I was too excited to think that part out right away! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Well and then you have your confused friends like me who thought yesterday was Friday! Oops!!! Both girls being 6 pounds -- that is great! So often little twins are so small at birth. Were the boys big, too? I am so thrilled for all of you!

  3. OMGOSH! I am so excited for all of you!! What fun you will have with boys and girls, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy every minute!! ♥

  4. What fun at your house during Holidays! So exciting! And you ALL will be so busy! Can't wait for all the post that will be coming as we all get to watch them grow and read about all the fun you have in store for them too :) So happy for you!

  5. oh what a happy happy day! Congratulations to you all! What beautiful family pictures and those new babies are so sweet!

    TWO sets of twins...that is just amazing and so very wonderful!

  6. Besides congratulations, the first word that came to mind was WOW! What a wonderful event with so much fun to be had by everyone for many years. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  7. What a beautiful family. Congratulations. Twins twice wow!

  8. Oh how adorable TIMES TWO! We have one set of grand-twins. How even more special to have TWO sets. Joy exponential, indeed. Congratulations to all.

  9. By the way I have something for you on the homespun (posted a bit early) but trying to stay ahead :) Congrats again :)

  10. How marvelous! Wonderful pictures. Both sets of twins are adorable.