Friday, November 16, 2012

The Turkey Farmer

If you know cats, you know that they are micro managers. Of everything. Gotta see it. Gotta sit on it, next to it, or preferably, inside of it. Oh my yes, sometimes they do annoy me. But I am grateful for them. Grateful for the way their little padded feet have filled our empty nest. Grateful, mostly, for the opportunity to have brought them home - shivering with fear, cold, skinny, or in the case of Mickey, soaking wet. I made them well here, smug with prosperity and plump with gratitude, becoming a hero to myself in the process.

Of course I am grateful for the usual faith, my family, a multitude of friends and the fortune to live in this wonderful country. But I am also grateful for my pets, especially today for Iggy, the turkey farmer, who has taken on the job of making sure these birds don't get away before I need them!

Thank you Lord, for the cherished companions you have blessed me with....for those with two feet and for those with four!


  1. Our pets are special aren't they? You hit the nail on the head about cats being micro managers! I so miss my kitty! I had to find her a new home because I have a couple of grand kids very allergic to cats :( She now lives with a new grandma owner with grand kids that are not allergic. I'm thankful she is happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. LOL this is too funny. I thought your post would be about someone that farms turkeys...:)

  3. Cats are what keep us entertained and our hearts full when Amara isn't here! They may be almost as spoiled by us as she is! No, they are seriously spoiled! They are indoor/outdoor cats with a doggy door off the back slider and yet Twiggy will sit inside the front door and cry until I get up and let her out! Yes -- she could and does go out the back door and around to the front but it is so much more fun to control me! Happy Turkey Day!

  4. cute post and I love your wooden turkey decorations too! : )

  5. We don't currently have any pets. We like being able to be gone for extended periods without having to have someone care for them. But I am definitely a cat person. I really miss having a cat. Until our last one died a few years ago, I've always had a cat. I love how independent yet affectionate they are. Your turkey farmer is beautiful.

  6. I love your turkey farm and the farmers. Cats are so fun to have around it seems and loveing creatures. No cats or dogs at the moment for us as we travel in our caravan around Australia often and we can't take them with us .
    Your sugar bugs look great.