Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pizza Box Instructions

Here's how to make boxes for Grandma's Pizza Company!

To make a 5" square pizza box, you will need:

  • 7" x 14" piece very thin, flexible cardboard
  •  Straightedge
  •  Bone folding tool (optional)
  •  Scissors
  •  Craft glue
For a label, you will need a 2.5" circle of craft paper with optional smaller circle and a fine point pen for drawing a design.

Begin by scoring fold lines on the cardboard.
Placement is shown on photo in black lines:
Measure 1" along both long sides and score with bone tool or point of scissors. Measure 1" along one short side and crease. Move up 1" and repeat. Cut 2 squares, 1" each from corners as shown. This side will become "box bottom."
Move up 5" from second line and crease again. Repeat again, 1" after to make "box spine." Make the last line from opposite end of box, also 1" from outside edge.

Make 1" cuts into the box where shown in red.
These cuts will create tabs to hold the box together.

Fold up on all creased lines as shown to form the box. Tuck tabs in and glue them to sides of box to hold it together.

Create a paper logo for your pizza box using the circles of paper. Print the child's name or draw a cute design that includes the pizza ingredients.
It is best to use a food safe wax liner or parchment paper inside the box. A pizza placed directly on cardboard makes a greasy, unsanitary mess!

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  1. I'm loving these old posts - some of them I missed when I went exploring around your blog. This looks like fun for my grandsons.

  2. This is so cute J. I could put the pizza together, but the box I don't know about, lol. Love your creativity.