Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Hairdo Harry!

Birthday parties that made me a happy little six year old camper were a different animal than what's around today! We expected - and received - not much more than a scavenger hunt and a lively game of musical chairs. Those were followed by a scoop of unadorned ice cream and a skinny slice of neighborhood bakery cake on a wobbly paper plate. Once gifts were opened we were whisked back home. Nope, neither a clown nor pony in sight - and certainly not a fanciful, smacked-with-color "candy buffet" that one-year-older guests of honor anticipate these days!

I made my own version of a candy buffet to unveil in late July at our upcoming family carnival. Kids will approach the booth, select personalized paper bags and fill them with one of every delectable morsel on display. "Happy Hairdo Harry" came to life when I decided that a jelly-bean-filled lineup of apothecary jars was a little too tame for my taste.

Here's how to make this crazy little dude:

1) Cut a 5.5" styrofoam ball in half. Use one piece as the clown base. Place it flat side down, then use a serrated knife to cut a groove into the top that will securely hold an 8" styrofoam circle. Glue them together.

2) Cut face features from paper scraps and glue them to an 8" white paper circle. Glue face to styrofoam.

3) Tie colorful narrow ribbon bows to small (24 Wilton - see page 11) lollipops and push them into the head as shown in photo.

4) Fill in empty space between lollipops with colorful shredded paper. (Dollar Tree - gift wrap department)

5) Cut 2" squares of red tissue paper, crumble them, then glue to cover base.

6) Fold turquoise tissue paper into a bow tie and glue it to base.

7) Make a hat from paper scraps and punched accents. Glue to a wooden skewer and insert into head.

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  1. This is such a great idea and so adorable! The kids must really enjoy this!

  2. And another cute idea - I love the clown - and the hairy candy :-) <3

  3. Too funny. Jelly beans are my weakness. :-)

  4. He is a happy creation indeed! :) Lollipop hair? YUM !:)

  5. Happy Hairy is very cute! It is Grandmas like you and your amazing talents that have kids expecting a whole lot more out of birthday parties than we did! And you never let any of them down!

  6. How great is that! I love it! You had fun making it didn't you? ;)

  7. Love it and awesome. Definitely welcoming by kids. Thanks for sharing with 4 seasons blog hop. Cheers and have a nice day.

  8. I need one of these for my next birthday! Love it!

  9. Looks as much fun to make as it will be to eat!

  10. Such an adorable blog - I am your newest follower.
    Thank you for visiting me & would love to have you
    as a follower.
    All the best, Mimi

  11. He looks fabulous, and I love how you're embracing candy. As long as the kids brush their teeth, bring it on!

  12. Hi J, I am just catching up with your blog as I have been away on holiday! I love this little guy. I know what you mean about parties, mine were always very basic when I was little. I would have loved something like this! I sooooo cannot wait until your carnival day, I really want to see everything come together and the excitement on those little ones' faces of course!

  13. He sure makes me smile! The kids are going to fall in love with this big happy guy. I'd sure like to fill a big with candy.