Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Ball Hog

Recipe: Indoor Balloon Volleyball
Yields: Hours of fun

     one Pinteresting grandma
     one balloon
     one room-width crepe paper streamer
     one pint size ball hog, pictured above (optional)

It was too cold to play outside on the day we first tried this one. I didn't expect it to be the hit that it was, so we'll be back - not only on rainy or hot days, but when everything's just peachy out there too. Our indoor balloon volleyball game was set up and ready to play in seconds.....after we conquered an initial stumbling block or two!

So, it might be obvious. Keep the "ball" in play between teams on both sides of the "net" -  a streamer taped to the wall on opposite sides of a room offering ample open space. But my task was to introduce the game to a pair of five year old boys who enjoy Sunday afternoon football dates with daddy. Nick's first instinct was to capture and secure the balloon, signalling a "fair catch." Sae immediately dove under the net and tackled his brother. Little sissy Ava jumped right in, snagged the loose ball, held on for dear life and refused to release it to "grandma ref." From beneath the huddle, I frantically called time out and subbed in mommy. With high school volleyball experience in her arsenal, she rescued both me and the balloon, whistled our players into position and got the game moving. It wasn't long before the boys were following their new coach's lead - serving, spiking and setting just like the pros!

"Five stars" for fun, team play, exercise, and new athletic skills learned. Come on, grandma! Try it!


  1. So simple, yet so much fun! Grandma always has lots of fun in her "grandma bag" when she comes to visit! Counting down the days until next time!!

  2. I can just picture the boys initially turning it into a wrestling match and then Ava not giving up her dearly fought for balloon...LOL, love it!

  3. Love the picture and the story! Amara and I have played balloon volleyball as well as balloon badminton! You need to add to the game making balloon animals with the balloons when they are done -- just hand them a (washable) marker and let them create!

  4. Ahhh, this made me smile! The simple games are always the best. You really have such beautiful grandchildren. Funny little Ava clinging onto the balloon - girl power! :)

  5. So cute! A few years back we played with balloons inside all the time. It got to the point, that I'd hide them in the drawer so they couldn't be found. But they don't break anything and they are fun. :-) Ever try it in a camper? LOL