Monday, September 7, 2015

Over Before It Began

"It was over before it began!" so many now lament. And I heartily agree.
Five, four, three......the summer of 2015......going, going......gone!

But there was time for little boys and baseball. 

And a grandma "poet" with a camera......

See those numbers, five and three? 
Both of them belong to me!

Weeks of leisure, days of fun,
Handsome faces in the sun

Pretty ladies everywhere,
This is summer, not a care

Cousins "old"......

And cousins new!
Lots of things we found to do!

                                         (date of arrival: June 10, 2015)

Trains to ride.......

Places to hide

Lovely lilies in the park......

Scary stories in the dark!

Oh, the places we went!
The times well spent........

Each moment thrives within my heart

.....and also at my side. Because, you see, every time I accompany my little loves on an adventure away from home, I pick up a treasure from nature to remind me of the day. A heart shaped rock, a tiny perfect pine cone, an oval shell, a driftwood chip......

Grandpa asks why I don't label each item with place and date. But that's not necessary for me. It must be a "grandma thing" to have trouble remembering my grocery list or where I left my keys, but none recalling the origin of these. 

I do have trouble, though, but it's not inside my head! Somebody's "busy paws" think my little basket of memories holds suitable toys! Over and over again, I have apprehended him helping himself. Here, for immediate press release, is his latest mug shot...... 


For Petty Larceny!
Habitual Offender!

Oh, Charlie! Don't worry. Mommy will bail you out! (again)

Just one more caution, if you will,
Excessive rays are known to kill!

(actually just "playin' 'possum!")

Goodbye summer of 2015. You were a friend to me. A good, good friend.


  1. Hello, I think your summer was awesome. I enjoyed this recap and the cute photos of all the little ones. The new baby is precious. I am sad to see summer come to an end though. Have a happy new week!

  2. OH just lovely - I'm so glad you and the kiddies had such a grand time - and now for planning for the holidays!!!

  3. Awesome post!! I think I will do one like this too. Good way to reflect and relive the summer

  4. Aww...J ~what an awesome awesome reflection of your precious days spent with the loves of your life.
    Your poetry reflects your beauty.

    Thank you for sharing a touch of your summer with us, it was beautiful.
    Blessings~ Debbie

  5. What a cute poem and picture story. What a sweet summer you have had. Mine has as many photos that bring back sweet memories, just more scrunched into shorter periods of time - but oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing these delights via the Grand Social :)


  6. That's such a sweet poem! Your grandchildren are adorable and your kitties are cute, especially the 'thief!' I'm glad you had a great summer, and now you have a wonderful fall to look forward too!

  7. I love the a Summer, and I miss Little league baseball. A few more years and I will have grand kids to root for!

  8. Cute post! That new arrival is sooo sweet too.Your kiddos are sure growing up fast. Our summer flew by too and I still can't believe school started a month ago! J, I also collect little momentos, and I have the kids bring me things when they go on vaca too. It can't be a bought item, it must be found. I have some pretty interesting items let me tell you!

  9. LOL this post was so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    Yes you are a poet!

  10. You did have a wonderful summer! SO glad you shared it with us!

  11. Love this!! Great job, Grandma!
    Here from Grandma Ideas.

  12. And creative Grandma is a poet, too! Lovely post and pictures.

  13. Not only are you insanely crafty and clever, you're a fabulous poet! I loved the pictures of your summer -- especially of the new cousin!

    Thanks so much for sharing at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party!

  14. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful summer 2015 memory post with photos of the most beautiful grandchildren ever. In looking at all those smiles, I think each and every one of those wonderful grands will have happy memories to last a lifetime. You get the Grandma award again for performance above and beyond. You may have been an art teacher in your career years, but you were really meant to be the #1 Grandma. You do us all proud. :-)