Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Garden Princess

Once upon a time, there lived a perfect little princess.

One day, the little princess decided that she would enjoy a wee jewel of a backyard playhouse. So, her handsome, smart, and brave daddy built one for her. Her pretty mommy painted it pink and white, adding an inside lime green chalkboard coating so she could draw pictures on the walls with her cousins and friends.

The little princess was very satisfied with her happy little home.

After awhile, the grandma of the little princess decided that there needed to be an enchanted garden attached to the charming pink abode. She hounded her gardening-grandma-blogger friends, Judy and Debra, for tips on how to accomplish this. They graciously complied, and soon a lovely patch of lettuce and beans and marigolds burst forth, thriving enthusiastically in the sun........

And every day the little princess enjoyed the process of planting and weeding and harvesting in this prospering place.

But alas! Curious critters living near the pond beyond began to emerge, stopping by to munch contentedly on produce produced by the little princess!

Oh noooooooo!!!!!

A call was put forth for a competent garden watchman.
Pumba, one of several loyal subjects of the little princess agreed to interview for the position.

He considered an offer of employment carefully, but decided that his best "watch-dogging" was done from inside the house. Under the fan. On the couch.


What was the little princess to do????

Fortunately, a pair of brothers - "Bert" and "Ernie" - just happened to be in the neighborhood that day. They agreed to assist, offering to stand guard, furiously spinning their wings in exchange for room and board. Visiting critters would scamper off to do their snacking elsewhere.....


And grandma? Well, to be truthful, she ended up just "armchair gardening" this entire project. Her grandma-blogger-friends, the little princess, her mommy and daddy, and Bert and Ernie actually did all the work.

But never mind that.

Grandma is very content. She frequently receives personally delivered, freshly plucked organic lettuce from the little princess, and enjoys writing blog posts that make it sound as if she's done all the work!

The end........

And everyone mentioned in this story lived happily ever after!

It is truly an honor to have been selected by the esteemed online publication, Grand Magazine, as one of 11 best grandparent blogs for 2015. Delighted. Surprised. Shocked, actually! I find myself in the company of 10 other writers who celebrate grandparent-hood in 10 distinct ways. For that I am profoundly grateful, particularly to editorial director, Christine Crosby, for her gracious gesture of support and recognition.

Enjoy timely articles and receive a complimentary online subscription to Grand Magazine at this link!


  1. Love it!

    Congrats on the Magazine. Very cool!!

  2. The play house is adorable and congratulations on Grand. Your site is truly worthy.

  3. Good Morning, I enjoyed this post on your adorable Princess, the cute little house and garden. The dog Pumba is a cutie too. The lettuce looks great. Congrats on your blog being selected as one of the best Grandparents blog. You deserve it! Have a happy day!

  4. Love the playhouse and the way you told your story. No wonder you won, congratulations.
    Visiting from Roses of Inspiration!

  5. The sweet little princess is indeed a lucky little girl. I love the protectors of her garden - and the story is fantastic.

    Congratulations on being selected as one of the top ten - I say you should get first place!!!! Your grandchildren are so lucky!!!!!

  6. congrats on the award...I'll visit the link. How wonderful!

    And love this post to pieces...sweetest little gardener in the world ! :) Just over the top adorable!

  7. Every single sentence and every photo of this post is adorable. Love, love, love it! And love that the grandmahood helped you out. Wonderful people. And CONGRATULATIONS on you award! So deserved, as you are one of the most creative and caring grandmas I've had the pleasure to bump into. One day we will meet! MUST meet! :-D

  8. Congrats you deserve it! Cute post and perfect princess house and garden.

  9. Best gardening story ever! Now you need to write it down, add some illustrations, and off to Amazon it could go. :-) She is a beautiful little girl who has had a gardening experience this summer that she will never forget. Now when she goes to the store with Mom or Grandma she'll look at those fruits and veggies and have an idea what is required to produce them, and that is a really good thing. Congratulations on the recognition. We've all said you are the craftiest grandma around, and now the world knows it as well. Just think how many Grandmas will be planning camps and libraries. Congratulations, friend. :-)

  10. Oh sweet friend, how exciting to be featured in the magazine! What a delight and blessing and I can see why they chose are amazing and truly one of the greatest grandmothers!

    This was such a sweet post and the little cottage is darling especially with the lovely flowers :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  11. So much fun! I love your writing, and it looks like the princesses mommy and daddy are just as creative as you are! Congrats on the award. You deserve it!

  12. You really are Queen of the Crafting! So glad you were recognized of course we all knew how awesome you were already and if anyone has any doubts they just need to look at the happy smile on Brie's face! So proud of you!

  13. wow!! This is so cute and lovely.I like it so much...

  14. This is so cute! I saw it on dear creative's link party. The garden is incredibly cute! And it will probably be so helpful to your granddaughter to have the experience of tending a garden. Great job!

  15. Congratulations on the magazine. I adore this project and how everyone got involved (including Grandma from her supervisory position, ha ha!). I want a house like this.

    Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty. I hope you will join us next week too.

  16. Congrats on be selected! Well deserved, if you ask me. The little princess has a gorgeous playhouse and I'm glad that Bert and Ernie came to the rescue! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing on Idea Box! Congratulations on being selected for the Grand magazine! You will also be featured on my blog tomorrow!

  18. well if you weren't elected i would have to make a call for sure since you are hands down the most creative, thoughtful, and awesome grandparent i know! :) and that house? oh that house is to die for! :>D