Monday, August 15, 2016

Ladybug Camp!

Grandma Camp was served up in two parts this year. I was delighted that a trio of little girl cousins, all age three, were anxious to take a turn with me. Ava, one of the twins involved, took special care to emphasize to her brothers that they would not be present during "Ladybug Camp." Only girls this time! Only Ava, sister Angeline, and cousin Kaylee! "No boyz allowed!"

And so it happened! Ladybugs enjoyed a two day, overnight camp that specialized in things little girls like to do. We baked and we crafted, but our biggest excitement was preparing for the puppet show that would follow a display of magic demonstrated by the "big kids" - older twin brothers and cousin Brielle. That entertainment package wrapped up a solid week of Grandma Camping for two groups of three each!

Puppet Making Workshop ingredients: a generous supply of yarn and pom poms and wiggle eyes and glue - and a colorful sock for everybody! At this age, the girls chose colors and I attached yarn hair with a few hand stitches. But gluing was a job for the ladies - one they relish!

We practiced a little skit once each sock developed a personality of its own. Accompanied by a pre-school song, our show was stage-ready!

While I flipped the header on our home made stage during a brief intermission that followed the magic show, parents, aunties and uncles, cousins, and siblings engaged in the energetic sale of tickets that precedes all of our talent productions!

Introductions before stepping behind the stage for a vigorous performance......

Tee hee hee! Giggles galore accompanied a charming showcase of three year old talent; an adoring audience rewarded the effort with wild applause!

And grandma's review? So proud! Just very, very, very proud of them all!


  1. Another wonderful idea! And three beautiful little girls for a sleepover. What fun!

  2. Hello, your grandchildren are so cute. I know they just love coming to your place. You have such fun activities planned. The puppet show is awesome. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Grandma J you did good. Again! Although I was expecting to see some ladybugs! Your stage is amazing and your puppeteers are just the cutest! Another Camp they will never forget.

  4. I want to come squeeze those little girls...the perfect age of adorable cuteness!

  5. A wonderful girls day! Lovely puppet show for the family.

  6. What fun activities - it looks like they were having a great time! :)

  7. So precious!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. How fun. & super cute too. I need to do this with my little ones when I visit. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Pinned & sharing

  9. I applaud your ingenuity and artistic talents to create such a wonderful puppet show. But, the stars of this post are those beautiful little girls. Oh my gosh, but they are so cute. In the old days and you saw a cute baby the response would be 'oh my goodness so cute it could be a Gerber baby.' Well, I don't know what to compare those little princesses to but they take a prize for sure. You are one lucky Grandma to get to spend special girl time with them and without a doubt they got the craftiest Grandma in America. Win - Win.

  10. What adorable grand kids and the puppets are so cute.
    Thanks for sharing at Happiness Is Homemade,

  11. What a great idea. You sure keep them busy at camp too!! I bet that when your grandchildren talk to their friends about all of the things they do, everyone wants you to adopt them. You are just so awesome.

  12. Your grandchildren must truly adore you when they do and have so many fun things to involve themselves with.
    I do wish I had your energy lol