Monday, September 5, 2016


"We made rain sticks at grandma's!"

Summer tumbles in and out of the maze of months that comprise a lifetime. It rolls along merrily in the sun, spreading carefree joy until the bite of autumn snaps it up and tosses it aside. Now, many moons will pass until I see it again: a time when grandma isn't required to compete with school days and soccer balls. I recall an impish riddle from my own days in the classroom: "What are a teacher's three favorite things?" "June, July, and August!!" Today, those months remain a trio of grandma's favorite things! Wide open hours present rested, happy little faces on my doorstep. "Well, tumble right in, you chirpy little cherubs! We have lots and lots to do together beneath these sunny skies!"

"Grandma Camp" is summer's top priority, so I carefully negotiate the week with my three daughters. Once you're three, you're in! I've got a cozy tent waiting for you, a stack of puzzle books to keep you busy during "quiet time," and an agenda of fun that goes on and on, back-to-back, from morning light til sleepy night!

This year, our Dino Egg Hunt and double feature Magic! and Puppets! shows stole the spotlight during that week. But in between, the time was filled with crafty things to make and do.....

Air dry clay is lots of fun. One day our tray of curious critters stand pale as ghosts......

...and the next, they knock you out with personality plus!

Younger kiddoes enjoy a session of basic shape animal building. If you're a manic paper punch collector like I am, this project is a simple matter of punch, glue, and go!

For one Dollar Tree dollar - just one! - you can sink your elbows into the satisfying sensation of shaving cream! (No, this activity doesn't "make" anything - except a moment's well deserved rest for grandma in between adventures!)

We "tumbleweeders" nature-walked for palm sized rocks to paint. After dark, our "Ladybug Launch" secretly re-homed them into neighborhood flower beds and Press boxes!

I don't blame parents for not relishing the sport of "night hiking," but it's a must-do at grandma's sleepovers! We grab our lanterns and follow our noses into the dark, just to see whatever we see!

My recent discovery of step-by-step cooking lessons for kids at "Grandma Honey's House" blog has inspired me to add kitchen skills to the list of things I want my grandchildren to experience with me. Here, Angeline lines a tin in preparation for one of "Grandma Honey's" breakfast recipes.

I want to teach my grandchildren to sew, as well, but had no idea where to begin. Then I stumbled upon the same quality content and style of guidance that Grandma Honey provides in her area of expertise! How nice to have everything all laid out for those of us who are eager to instruct, but need lesson plans that organize skills into sessions that produce appealing, easy-to-make end products that entice kids to return for more. Check out Ana's complete and masterfully written tutorial for offering a (machine) sewing camp of your own at The Lost Apron blog. (note: this blog no longer being published...sorry!) 

Thank you, Pamela and Ana, for adding muffin tins and spools of thread to this grandma's inventory of grandchild enrichment experience ingredients!

You people have six cats in there? SIX??!"
I drew the tumbleweed metaphor from personal observation and the cooperation of my six (6!) cats. A recent, pleasant wine-sipping evening found me enraptured with a busy, hard working little hairball that resembled every feature but size of the menacing monsters that roll the American west. All it needed was open space, the gentle twirl of an overhead fan, and a worthy supply of cat hair to keep it growing and growing and growing......I sipped and I pondered: "How large could this carefree little spirit actually get if left alone to thrive?" But then, as abruptly as the aforementioned "bite of autumn," came grandpa, trusty portable vac in tow. With his cry of, "What?! Not another one of these?!" both summer 2016, and the seed of my tumbleweed reverie faded to a nostalgic end.

I hope it was less traumatic for you!


  1. Hello, your grandchildren are so cute! I love all the artwork and the tents. The ladybugs are adorable. I am sad to see summer come to an end. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. I take care of a three year old granddaughter during the week while he parents work--I will have to follow your blog for ideas on fun activities--you have some wonderful ones!

  3. Ok the shaving cream and her expression just cracked me up!!! :)

  4. As usual, I am laughing and amazed at your post! You are just the most creative person I know and love to read about your adventures. You need a little break for a few weeks. Thank you for your kind comments about my blog.

  5. Great fun - right down to the end with the silly squirrel - or is the silly cats? Your grandkids have so much fun - that is just the perfect way to spend the summer - making memories at grandma's house. Soon Halloween and I just know you will be bringing more fun ideas around.

  6. They continue to have such a wonderful time at Grandma's house! I just love the ladybug rocks but then I love ladybugs!

  7. Oh, wow, this is SUCH a fun thing that you do for them! I love the tents, too - you deserve #1 Grandma accolades, for sure! Thanks for linking up with 5 After 5 today and I hope to see you again soon!

  8. You've got so many great ideas! I especially LOVE the ladybugs!

    And, I'm so glad that you found the sewing camp information. I've been thinking about teaching my granddaughters to sew. This will be the perfect help when I do it!

  9. Now the the grands are back in school and on schedule, I'm guessing you'll get a little rest. But, I'm also betting you're searching the web high and low looking for future adventures. I applaud your talents and also your desire to see that they have a well rounded learning experience. You may have retired from the school district you worked for but definitely not the school of life. You are an inspiration to the rest of us. :-)

  10. I need my kids to get busy and give me grandchildren so I can hold Grandma Camp.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.