Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family Carnival 2014 Part 4

The "Sweeties!" stop - it's new this year - summer's version of Halloween's tummy-churning-goody-gobbling-sugar-stuffing-unhinged-parent-cringing binge all in one convenient location! Only when everything came together did I realize the scope of what I'd done! Nope! Didn't miss a thing!

Here goes!

Cotton candy! - (tubs - not stingy cupfuls!)
Sour rainbow strips! - (extra large size!)
Gumballs! - (tubes of them! all colors!)
Lollipops! - ("smallish" - BOOOO!)
Taffy! - ("stick around!" sink your teeth in!)
Gummy drops! - (scoop 'em up! the one I provided is huge!)
Circus peanuts! - (grab what's left! - grandma ate the first two bags!)
Ice cream cones! - (ha ha! fooled ya! those are just bubbles! - BOOOO again!)

The station is self-serve. Kids find their own party bags and load up! (Nothing to see here, mommy!)

Hope nobody's got a peanut allergy! These treats come in my favorite size for candy: JUMBO!

I constructed "Happy Hairdo Harry" to serve as a lollipop dispenser just for today. Here's more detail on how to make him for your own party.

Love sugar?

Well there's more!

Guests are invited inside to help themselves to a hot dog snack. "Popcorn," "hamburgers" and "sundaes" are served as sides!

Paper baking cups are a joy to work with, and five dozen cupcakes are a breeze to prepare using packaged cake mix. Top off mini-marshmallow "popcorn" with a sprinkling of yellow "buttered" pieces hand picked from a bag of flavored ones.

I especially love the way our cute little hamburgers turned out. Use packaged brownie mix and tinted frosting to achieve the same results by following these instructions at Bakerella's wonderfully creative site.

And speaking of sweet things going on at our carnival......

Youngest granddaughter, little Kaylee, tests her fairy wings, hoping for a smooth take off......

This beautiful young lady guest enjoyed every game, earned plenty of prizes, packed herself up and is ready to call it a day!

And this little cutie pie has the exact same thing in mind!

We had a wonderful, wonderful day, but when it was over, it was over! An evening of spinning and ringing and tossing - of tattoos and toads, of pirates and popcorn, and monkeys and more.......

And a weary little carnival-goer, Brielle, appears to agree with grandma - as she usually does!

Besides grandpa, my own three daughters and their husbands, I had significant help from family friends who worked the games. I am so grateful to Jim, Judy, Rich, Dave, Sandro and Vonda whose infectious sense of humor and enthusiastic love for kids made this such a special day. THANK YOU my friends!

"Where's Sae? He was here a minute ago!"

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  1. Bree looks like you probably felt -- exhausted but thrilled! It was amazing.

  2. It was a delightful evening - I'm just so impressed - your grandkids are going to have such fun memories of all you've done for them. I would have loved to have a grandma like you - instead of two cranky ones that would click me on the head with their thimbles if I got in their way. You are so lucky - and your grandkids too - to have such fun together.

    Ben and I have built a clubhouse today out of the old swing set - we play "Go Fish" in the clubhouse - and eat popsicles. Next week we will play a card game called "Slamwich" - now that's GOT to be fun.

  3. Well, what can I say. I have enjoyed reading this SO much and it was certainly worth the wait. I sat here with my husband, showing him all of the amazing things you have created, he was blown away! And so was I (even though I have had sneaky peaks from your past posts). My husband said, "It all looks so professional!" and he also said it is such a lovely thing to do for those kiddies. All of the games are so well thought out and so much time and effort has gone into each event. You should be very proud Grandma J and your family are so very, very lucky to have a lady like you in their lives! One day, I hope to be a creative grandma just like you! :)))))