Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Little ladies were guests at our carnival, too. Each was invited to visit our "You Are So Pretty" booth. There, the girls found a personalized pink feather boa, feathery ring, and a jeweled tiara/wand set that screamed "Dollar Store!"

But, you may be wondering, did the little girls have to actually do anything to retrieve these items? Well of course not! Are you forgetting that they are  PRINCESSES?!

There's just something about a goofy flock of plastic flamingos that I cannot resist! But where else besides a front lawn carnival can you get away with planting a dozen of them?

It was my job to be the "Tattoo Lady." I was busy all day. Too busy to take pictures of myself applying monkeys, butterflies, monsters and "Hello Kitty" to my eager clients!


The kids could choose as many tattoos as they liked from this board.
Our  middle daughter, Christy, with Brielle -
 a satisfied  "Hello Kitty" tattoo customer!

If you decide to use play tattoos for a family event, be sure to practice ahead of time. The ones I bought from a local store worked great....peel off clear sheet of plastic, place design face down on skin, press firmly with damp cloth for 30 seconds and then carefully remove paper backing.

                   Kids LOVE them!


Cute little boys, happy with the prizes....and.......

Cute little girls happy with the food!

Just monkeyin' around until the food comes out!

Our first family carnival was such a success that we plan to host one every year. In the initial years, grandpa and I will do the bulk of the work with help from the adult kids. Eventually, I hope to involve the grandkids in the planning and operating of the affair, with parents and aunts and uncles attending as paying customers!

We will probably have year round monthly work sessions to make prizes, decorations and food. When they are old enough, the kids will advance to planning attractions, calculating traffic flow, constructing game booths, determining staffing requirements and shopping for supplies. They will deftly manage a budget and become familiar with profit margins. Cooperating side by side with cousins - and perhaps a few best friends - they will experience the value of successful team work. In effect, the children will be "owning and operating" their own small business and reaping all the rewards that come with such a fun adventure!

If there was ever any doubt that kids would want to participate in the routine operations of a family carnival, the little blond you see here in the foreground eased my anxiety! Tava loved helping me sprinkle the relay contestants with confetti after they crossed the finish line! What a great job she did from her own little supply!

Part 3  of our story is right here!


  1. I don't even know what to say, lol! I am ASTOUNDED ...this is so awesome! So many wonderful ideas ...I think you should start a Carnival Book!

  2. Spectacular would describe it I think! SO -- if this post is from a year ago and this was to be an annual event -- does that mean there is one in the works for this month??!