Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Every carnival has to have a Fishing Game, so of course, we did too! I made poles out of wooden dowels and decorated them with all kinds of junk - ribbons, streamers, "good luck" charms....the crazier the better! The green pole was for boys and the yellow for girls. This was so the "Old Man in the Sea" behind the screen (grandpa!) would know if he should attach a pink striped inflated fish or a blue one to the pole. We also had a squirmy little bucket of "bait".....rubbery worms that looked real, and, as you can imagine, the boys loved them.


GOLDFISH SPLASH.......this idea was born when I found these adorable little plastic fish - and the mini bowls to toss them into! Nick tried the game unsuccessfully a few times and then decided to just throw big handfuls of fish at the bowls - to see if anything would "stick" I guess!
We used bubble machines to add to the sea world ambiance, too!

Here is Christy with Bree and Nick. Bree helped herself to a pink goldfish and clutched it tightly in her fist for most of the day!


We weren't quite done with the "aquatic" theme yet! What is a carnival without a Duck Pond? The idea was to toss rings around the necks of rubber duckies....including ones that were battery operated. I don't know how much of a hit that was......but the pool itself was the highlight of the day for most of the little boys! By the end of the day, anything that floated ended up in the pool - including poor Bozo! Note the Fishing Game worms that were given their freedom!

A pool of water, a hot day, and some very, very cute little boys!

Christy gives out prize tickets to Duck Pond players.

And.......I'm still not done! Part 4 is right here!

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  1. SO do the neighborhood Moms and Grandmoms just worship at your feet? Do they come and ask for your autograph? They really should. I just can't believe you did all of this and did it so well!!!!